Springs Things


Springs Things is based in Wellington, Somerset.

The idea for Springs Things originated in 2008 with the first products developed and launched in 2010.

Sarah Hedderly, the founder of Springs Things, also works as a Sports Injury Therapist and McTimoney Animal Therapist.

Springs Things is named after ‘Spring’ Sarah’s Springer spaniel. Spring has a very active life training for agility and running around the yard with the horses. She is also heavily involved in product development, research and modelling, offering some good sound advise.

Celia Hedderly, Sarah’s Mum, is chief machinist. She is responsible for making Sarah’s ideas into working products by designing the patterns and making thoughts into reality. It is down to her high standards that we can produce such quality products.

David Hedderly, Sarah’s Dad, is in charge of the tradestand and enjoys meeting our clients at shows.

Karen Hedderly, Sarah’s sister, is in charge of the accounts and general office work. She is also Spring’s main puppy sitter when Sarah is away at shows.