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Springs Things Cool Coat

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Springs Things Cool Coat

Be a cool dude, not a hot dog.

The Springs Things Cool Coat is designed to keep your dog cool in the hot weather. To use put the coat in cold water then wring out the excess before putting on your dog. Heat absorbs into water quicker than air so the heat from your dog is drawn away and into the water leaving a cool layer of air between the dog and coat. Just re wet as necessary. The coat is made of a lightweight, soft material which is machine washable.

Comes in white with a red and white binding.

Prices dependent on size:
10" and 12"     £20
14" and 16"     £25
18" and 20"     £31
22" and 24"     £35
26" and 28"     £40
30" and 32"     £43
34" and 36"     £47

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